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How to Work in Graphic Design with Chanelle Henry

Learn about UX mobile and web design consultant Chanelle Henry, one of Howcast's graphic design experts, in this video.


My name is Chanelle Henry. I am a UX Mobile and Web Design Consultant, and also founder of CHD Collective, which is a virtual design agency and consultant agency that's based in a few different locations, ran by awesome contractors and talented designer-developers, creative storytellers. I was always interested in art, since I was a little kid, I always used to draw. So I've always had this interest in creative endeavors, as well as I love technology, so my first computer was the MacIntosh Plus at the age of seven. So I've always been involved in technology and art.

My undergraduate degree from Easter is actually in psychology, so I got to really study the mind and study how people interact. After that I went to another school called New Horizons and got certified in Computer IT. Actually it was from South by Southwest that I learned that I could do this, without the help of anybody, in terms of I didn't need to be in a full-time job. I could do what it was I actually wanted to do, which was to make beautiful things, with awesome people, and do it on my own schedule.

So that's when I started CHD Collective, which is my agency. It's a cooperative, interactive design and consulting firm, based out of New York. I manage a lot of different people that want to know, "How can I do what you're doing? How can I learn? How can I design? How can I manage clients? How can I get my ideas out there?" Because a lot of what I do is try to make great products and not just design things. The best way to see my work is to probably ask me, just because I represent myself through my company, it's hard just to show my work. Because then companies just want to hire me. But I want to them to hire us as a collective, because that's what we are. Together we create awesome stuff, so the CHD Collective is at

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