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How to Do an All-Glitter Nail Design

Learn how to do an all-glitter nail design from nail artist Simcha Whitehill aka Miss Pop in this Howcast nail tutorial.


We're going to do a party finger on the Glitter Fade using her ring finger. But you can do a pinkie. You can pop a middle finger, which I like to call the Lohan, because of her infamous court appearance. You can really bling out any finger. The pointer, the thumb is my least favorite, but you bling that one out, too. Again, it's the same thing as the Glitter Fade. I poured my nail art sealer or top coat right here.

I have my glitter to the other side. Then I just take my craft brush and this time, since we're going for total coverage, I want a lot of glitter on my brush as I go down and I can control it. I don't recommend trying to achieve this with a bottle brush, because you'll just be doing layer after layer after layer, which is why it's great to just add any kind of glitter. Here I'm using a very fine makeup glitter.

But you can get any craft glitter at a store, you know so long as it's fine. The finer the better and just go for it. Just add it to topcoat with the brush and you can cover your entire nail without gloopy, gloopy, gloopy. So I love to do metallic glitter. I mean all glitters are metallic, but I like to do the classic gold and silver, but you can do any color glitter to complement any of your designs.

Black is also very interesting, and an important part of this, is to put whatever color glitter you're applying on top as your base color. So here, since I'm doing gold glitter I had the nail painted in gold first. This way just in case you miss a spot a fleck, the color will still resonate. I'm just gently pushing it out to the edge of the cuticle. I'm not actually touching the cuticle or the side of the nail with my brush.

Then just dab on top where you see it maybe looks a little splotchy or uneven and it'll look like this. You'll get -- you should get a lot of wear out of this. It could definitely extend your manicures wear over seven days. I always recommend glitter to my clients who work with their hands, if you're like a crafts person or you have small children. Definitely glitter is a great way to maintain your manicure. Get a long lasting, long wear, hard wear manicure.

Okay and now, I'm going to seal it with my top coat, which is a nail art sealer that's thick and allows the sparkle to come through. Absolutely a great trick, to extend your manicure is to put glitter at the tip of your chipping manicure and you'll get another few days before you have to go back to the salon. So if you're in a pinch and you've got a party, it's a great way to go.

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