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How to Do an Unzipped Zipper Nail Design

Learn how to do the unzipped zipper nail design from nail artist Simcha Whitehill aka Miss Pop in this Howcast nail tutorial.


I like to call this nail Unzipped. It's like a zipper being pulled down unveiling your nail. So I start the look by basically, doing a chevron that's just really exaggerated. A Chevron French which means it comes to a point at the edge of the nail. I like to add a sheer, nude or an opaque nude, something to give the nail a little extra, sexy nude like something to just cover it.

But the trend now is to actually not have the nude here and do sort of like a picture frame, it's called. Like a peek into the actual, real nail and the nail bed, so that's also an option. And then you wouldn't need to apply the base. You could just start with your exaggerated, black chevron.
I would recommend using a striper for this look, so you can get that sort of like delicate, deep V.

You can if you're bold use the bottle brush and do it thicker on the sides. But just through - I think it makes the nail look more elegant and longer if you can get a V that really gets thinner and deep. One of the things about using nail art, with a nail art striper or a nail art bottle brush is that it's typically, a thicker more opaque polish, so it usually takes a little bit longer to dry.

So give yourself 10 minutes before you topcoat it. You have to really make sure that the color is in there and staying put. So if you do get polish in the cuticle which happens to the best of us, I like to use a big brush, just like a paintbrush. Like an average-sized paintbrush, dipped in acetone to clean up the sides or there are these... You can get pointed Q-tips are great.

If you wait to the next day, take a shower, all the stuff that was inside your cuticle will just wash away. Polish will not stay on your skin once you hit the shower. So along the sides of the V, you just want to go in with a metallic-looking silver. The less glitter-based, the better. You just make little notches, just little, tiny silver notches going down either side.

As you can see, you don't want to apply a lot of pressure. You just want to sort of wave your hand with a little bit of polish at the end. So after we lay down the zipper teeth ,I'm going to go in and do the zipper tab to pull, just using my thin brush and the silver. Same thing, let me put just a dot at the top of it, then I go down and do an oval.

Now using my same small, thin craft brush I just wipe it into the polish. I'm going to make a little - two little stripes for the head of it. The way to clean to clean this brush is to actually just dip it in pure acetone. If you have a little glass cup, a dappen dish or you don't want to put in anything too thin and plastic, because acetone can eat through some plastics.

Then I'm going to take my dotter which is just a little tool with brown balls at the ends of it. You can get them at any beauty supply store. If you're in a pinch you can actually use - you can flatten the edge of a toothpick and dip it in or you can even use like a tailor pin, stuck to the edge of a pencil for a bigger ball and do it that way, too. Then I'm going to go in, I'm going to do two dots. So you want to get a bead of polish at the end of the tip of the dotter and then just tap it down.

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