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How to Do a Zipper Nail Design

Learn how to do a zipper nail design from nail artist Simcha Whitehill aka Miss Pop in this Howcast nail tutorial.


So the whole concept behind this nail was like a little black dress being unzipped or I get a leather jacket a lot off of it, too. So this pinkies is the well-behaved girl. She's keeping it zipped up. So we're going to do a closed zipper on the pinkie. And it's the same technique with the zipper teeth. You just want to go back and forth, tiny little swipes. These can actually be bigger because this is like the more. . .We're going to do everything bigger on this nail to really exaggerate the zipper.

So you can do this down the middle. I'm doing it down the side to make it slightly more elegant, but you can do it anywhere on the nail. So now I'm going to use a slightly larger dotter for the dots inside the zipper top, just because I have a bigger zipper to work with. I'm going one step up. You want to take your dotter, dip it into your polish, so you get a good bead. See how there's just like a little black bead hanging off of it? That's what you want and you go in.

One of the number one things I recommend, if you're a nail art enthusiast is to invest in a good set of dotters. They come in packages, typically of five or six, and you can get all these different size dots. You can make hearts with these. You can make polka dots with these. It really just gives you perfectly round shapes, which is one of the hardest shapes to paint. So now we're just going to go in and do those tiny lines on the tab for the pull.

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