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How to Do a Pyramid Nail Design

Learn how to do a pyramid nail design from nail artist Simcha Whitehill aka Miss Pop in this Howcast nail tutorial.


So the next look is going to be a pyramid and an ominous cloudy sky and it's two techniques. First we're going to show you how to do the pyramid technique and then we're going to show you how to do the ombre. So the base coat that's already on is a gritty, glittery silver. You can really pick any color. I love to use metallic's when I do a pyramid, but I just love to use metallic's.

You can do anything. The metallic's are also great, because they trump every color. So I just come in and I crisscross on the nail, creating a point. Don't worry if you get some on the skin. You can absolutely use the bottle brush. You can just take a shower tomorrow, and that stuff on your cuticle will go away or you can use a Q-tip, especially the pointed kinds work good for that. To remove anything you need to.

I personally like to use a brush though. Just dipped in nail polish remover and I can brush the mistake away. You absolutely must let your bottom coat dry, before you add any other layers, otherwise the polish will be so thick it will never dry. It'll just be goopy. With nail polish you want to do lots of thin layers, not one big thick layer. So if you feel like the the color you decided to use for the pyramid is not thick enough, and not completely covering up the silver, then just do a second coat. Don't try to lob it all on at once.

So the way to kind of figure out the nail shape that best suits you, there are always nail shape trends, but you can kind of tell what shape will look best on you, by actually looking at the shape of the cuticle line, just right here. I don't always follow that rule. Rules are made to be broken. You can wear the shape that you want to. So we did a very subtle pyramid here with the silver matched with the grey.

But you can definitely, I love doing gold with like an eggplant or really trying to play up the difference. But for a subtle day look, it's great to play off two different shades. Do something monochromatic. Do two shades of blue, two shades of orange, two shades of anything, and you can even take the pyramid one step further, and do one more added line, so you have three-lined, a three triangulated pyramid shape.

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