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How to Do a Pyramid Nail Design with Ombre

Learn how to do a pyramid nail design with ombre from nail artist Simcha Whitehill aka Miss Pop in this Howcast nail tutorial.


Okay, so now we we're going to go in and add the ominous clouds over the pyramid. To do ombre, some people use brushes, I prefer to use a sponge. It's the one thing that you need, just a basic make-up sponge. You don't want anything too porous. If you can see big gaping holes that's not the make-up sponge for you. But a good flat-ended, the skinny side is my personal favorite. It fits nicely in a hand and will give you the perfect ombre.

Now typically, I use this side, if I'm going to the whole nail with ombre. When I'm lining the nail in ombre, I use the skinny side. So here's what I do. I'll take the polish and paint it along the edge just thinly and gently. Then when you don't want it to look goopy or be dripping off the sides, if you just give it a second, it will all absorb into the sponge. You don't want to act until it's in the pores, but you still need to act fast.

Then I go along the edge of the nail and I gently tap, so it gives it this soft, fuzzy frame. Don't worry, if while you're doing this kind of ombre, if it gets on the side of the skin, it'll be so easy to clean up. Because you are adding such a thin delicate layer of polish, it won't be like a normal stroke. If you see that you're polish has gotten goopy over an edge, you can just tap it out on a paper towel. So ombre is just shading. It's a gradiated color.

You can do ombre in yellow, orange, red. You can do ombre three shades of red. It all depends. It's just about that gradation of color. I'm using here, to create the ominous cloud is an ombre technique. You could use this with - do a black nail and edge it in white. You could do a purple nail - edge it in gold. You could do green. You could do anything, but because it's a gradiated color, it is an ombre. But you can do it with any color and still use this technique. Now we top coat.

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