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How to Do a Lace Nail Design

Learn how to do a lace nail design from nail artist Simcha Whitehill aka Miss Pop in this Howcast nail tutorial.


So now we're going to do lace on beautiful blue and white. So it can be if you're a bride or something blue. But if you want to make it extra sexy and perhaps you're not a bride, you can do it with a nude and black, red and black, hot pink and black, really any other color combination.

So first I'm going to start by laying a line over where the edge of the lace will be. Because I'm going to get fancy beyond this line so I don't want to make it more than two-thirds of the nail. Then I'm going to do diagonal lines within it to sort of look like a lace mesh. You want to keep these thin so they look sexy and fish net-y, more than the kind of net you'd catch a fish with.

So now I'm going to go in with a small lace sort of islet at the edge, just one layer of this. If you don't want to draw with your striper, you can do dots with your dotter. Big dots and then do smaller dots inside of it, so it gives you the same kind of looking edge, but one is hand-painted, and one I did with the dotter.

So now I'm going to do even bigger swipes over that islet. Kind of double the size and I'm going to do an even more delicate design with the net lace. So using your striper just go in do a big round half circle. You're going to need plenty of space.

Then I'm going to go in and do three little leaves within this one piece with the tip of my brush.
Then to finish the look I'm going to take my dotter again and just dot in-between here, just dot in-between each of the bigger ones, three times, one, two, three to finish off the lace lattice.

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