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How to Do a Neon Ombre Nail Design

Learn how to do a neon ombre nail design from nail artist Simcha Whitehill aka Miss Pop in this Howcast nail tutorial.


So now we're going to do a neon ombre I like to call Tequila Sunrise. We're going to use orange and also a hot pink. So you start with white, two coats of white and then do one coat of the yellow, and it should give you this even bright, popped out neon finish. You have to add a base coat always. But when doing neon to really make the colors come through, you need to use a nude or white under them.

Okay, so the first step is to take a makeup sponge, anything that isn't too porous. You want it to be squishy, but you don't want to see big gaping holes and you paint a corner. You want to make sure that the polish, you don't want to paint it on too gloppy, so you want to make sure that you can still see the pores. If you don't, you can give it a second to dry and see if it settles in. If not, tap it out on a paper towel.

Then you just go into the nail, starting at the tip and gently tap down the nail. I kind of go in a circular motion to get it to mimic the shape of her nail. Then I do one more layer just to give it that darker depth. You don't want to start out putting too much paint on, because thin layers dry fast. But if you put a bunch of goopy layers it will never dry, so less is more with ombre. So you want to have the orange more concentrated, as you get to the tip.

Which is why you start out, first tapping it out here and then moving it gently and you want it softer, out into the center and about three-quarters of the way down the nail, two-thirds. It's totally classic. It goes with everything. You can do any colors you want. I love to add ombre metallic at the tip. Just take a dark color and add some - use the same technique as the ombre, and just do a metallic tip. That's like soft, instead of doing like a harsh French. Okay, so then we're going to take my pink and do the same thing, but only go about a third of the way down the nail.

Don't worry about getting nail polish on the side. When you're doing the ombre technique, it's so thin that it will be very easy to take off even easier than regular polish. A simple swipe of a Q-tip will definitely take care of it. Next hand, then I'll show you what I do at the end. So as you can see the pink doesn't really - it's darkening the orange. But it's not really standing on its own two feet. So then I'll take my brush at the edge and just do sort of a round upside down half-moon, to give it that accentuated pink tip.

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