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How to Add Sand to a Beach Nail Design

Learn how to add sand to a beach nail design from nail artist Simcha Whitehill aka Miss Pop in this Howcast nail tutorial.


So for the next step we're going to add sand to the beach now in a Ruffian French. Now the Ruffian French is at the cuticle as opposed to the tip. So the idea is to paint your little shore at the base of the nail. Then you take the finger and you stick it into the cup. You tilt it in. You get good, firm pressure and then it will stick, of course if you use nail art sealer. So you want to apply nail art sealer before and after. Nail art sealer is also a nail art bonder. It's all the same nail art top coat family.

Unlike a traditional Ruffian these lines do not have to be perfect, because the shore can be jagged. You can later manipulate it with your orange stick, so don't be too worried about laying down the perfect shape. Okay, one, two, three, four, five, I think that should be good. So then we go in and seal it on top one more time, my nail art topcoat. Then if you're like, "Well, I would have liked more sand on that," you can dip your orange stick into the sand, pick some up and place it in.

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