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How to Paint Ice Cream Scoop Nail Design

Learn how to paint an ice cream scoop nail design from nail artist Simcha Whitehill aka Miss Pop in this Howcast nail tutorial.


So now it's time to add the ice cream flavors. I'm going to use a different color for each finger. I'm just to go on using the brush in the bottle. Make one big swipe upside-down, kind of like an upside-down half-moon. Then I'm just going to fill it out, because an ice cream scoop isn't exactly even. Do you want it to sort of have these dangling, rough edges. Then we're going to make it drip, but that'll be the next step.

So now that you have the shape of your ice cream down, you want to grab your dotter to make some big fabulous drips, so it looks like it's melting across your hand, just like ice cream. You can take and use all different kinds of size dotter's to do the drops that you want. I'm going to start right here, so I'm going to place the drip where I want it to end and then slide up back towards the nail, towards the ice cream, excuse me.

So a few of the colors may be thin and to get over that basket weave, you may have to do more than one coat. It happens. So I'm just going to have a little drip down here. I'm going to achieve that by quickly just dotting and swiping up, so it looks like it just fell, like in a teardrop shape. So to make the drip I'm going to place the drip where I want it to end, and then move it back towards where the ice cream is at the tip of the nail. Then I'll lead it back up to the ice cream.

So now that that's complete I'm going to go in and outline, and highlight where the scoop lines would be in the ice cream with a darker shade, of the colors that I've been using. I'm just using my favorite craft brush, but you can use any nail or detail brush. They're available at beauty supply stores and makeup stores, or even you can go to a craft store and just look for a tiny, tiny, thin brush that will give you some flexibility.

I just want to highlight the edge of this. So you don't want to make any lines that are really straight or too connected. They should all be sort of disconnected, and just really highlighting where there would be shadow and light, within the ice cream scoop. It's really just to give it dimension more than anything. You don't have to cover the nail or do any straight lines. It should all be very curved and along sort of where the natural lines of the drippiness are.

So first I lay down a coat of nail art sealer in sort of that half-moon, upside-down, and then I dip - I take my orange stick and I dip it into my topcoat, and I place them where I want them. The thing about bouillon or caviar is since they're all round, they may not last as long, as glitter or painting them on, just because they like to roll. I mean they're tiny little balls, but if you are interested in this look, you can achieve it with bouillon or caviar at any beauty supply store.

So I'm just laying them down randomly. Then once they're all there and I like the way they look, I seal the nail with my nail art topcoat. The important thing about nail art topcoat here isn't that it will allow anything to shimmer and shine, which is why it's so good for rhinestones, but it is super adhesive and sticky and thick, so it really grabs a hold of that bouillon and holds it there. It will last a lot longer than your average topcoat with designs like this.

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