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How to Do the Rock Candy Nail Design

Learn how to do the rock candy nail design from nail artist Simcha Whitehill aka Miss Pop in this Howcast nail tutorial.


I've got a real sweet tooth and nothing's better than sugar on a stick. So this nail is inspired by rock candy, hot pink rock candy and I'm going to show you how to do it. It's just little detailed crackling that's free form, and then I fill it in with some metallic to give it that sparkle.

Just doing this finger it's typically called the cocktail finger. I like to call it a party finger. It's just a way for you to get a regular manicure and spice it up, if you're not willing to go all in with five tricked out nails. So all I'm doing is just free form, connecting lines and I don't want there to be a rhyme or a reason.

It's really just meant to look like the jagged way that sugar would form on a stick. You can make these big or small if you want. So if you feel like these teeny tiny areas are just too teeny tiny for your nails, you can absolutely extend the lines and make them bigger.

So I'm just using a striper brush. You need something super thin. This one is a duo so there's a pen tip at the top, okay? Now once I've laid down sort of the black web, I'm going to go back in with the metallic, and fill in the spots where I think the light would hit the rock candy. If you take the metallic out of the black line, you can absolutely just go over that black line again.

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