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Tools Needed to Do Nail Art Designs

Learn about the tools you need to do nail designs from nail artist Simcha Whitehill aka Miss Pop in this Howcast nail tutorial.


Here are some of my favorite tools for nail art. First is a sponge. I love this, it helps with our ombre technique. Some people use a brush. I prefer to use a sponge. It's very simple, fun and easy, and it creates great, soft looks. You can use this end to do the whole bed of the nail or like I did for Color Club, for our Charlotte Ronson Spring 2013 Collection, we used this side and actually did ombre stripes. So you can get creative with your technique using this sponge.

So now to get super fine lines in your nail art looks, there are two basic, pre-bottled nail art brushes and it's great, because then your brushes never dry out. You can get just a regular striper brush. and here I have Color Club's Art Club, just a regular striper brush. They're thin. They're flexible. They're great for doing long lines. But there's also, some nail artists prefer to work with pens and there are a lot on the market.

They they work just like a pen, except if you squeeze a little a little bit of paint will come off at the top, and then you can just take it straight to your nail and run with it. So those are two ways that you can get pre-bottled nail art ready to go. But if you're like me and you like to go a little bit deeper you have a set of brushes. These are some of my favorite brushes. You can get, this is the Orly Detailer. Sephora makes a great one, too.

Then I have these from a beauty supply store that I love. Basically, this gives you a little variation in the length of your brush, because as you can tell from the striper it's long and it's thin, which is great if you're doing long lines. If you want to do small details, you may just get caught up in it wobbling. So to have the control of a shorter brush is really fantastic, so it just keeps your options open.

Then the next thing and this is, I always say is the best $10 you can ever spend, if you want to be a nail artist is to pick up dotters. They sell them at beauty supply stores. You can get them online. They come in all different dot shapes and sizes, and basically, every culture that's ever existed on the earth has drawn a circle. But it's one of the most difficult things to paint, so this just helps give you a perfect circle every time.

You just paint the polish on the end until it has a bead, dab it on the nail and you have a perfect polka dot. You can use it for all kinds of things, like hearts or anything with a rounded edge, super useful. And then after I make a mess, because I certainly - I've never been neat. I've always been messy. Your cleanup brush, this is a size five acrylic brush made out of sable and I just dip it.

I take a Dappen dish or just like a little crystal dish, don't use plastic, acetone has a tendency to eat through plastic. But just a little glass or just a little dish, you can find this at any beauty supply store. It's called a dappen dish. You just fill it with acetone, dip it, dip your brush in here and you can clean up along the edges of your nails. It's a substitute for... The problem with Q-tips is the cotton can sometimes get in the wet nail polish, so this is a substitute that won't get those fuzzies in your nail polish. But they also have pointed Q-tips, which are super easy to use and that's also a great alternative.

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