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How to Find Inspiration for Nail Art Designs

Learn how to find inspiration for nail designs from nail artist Simcha Whitehill aka Miss Pop in this Howcast nail tutorial.


I'm really inspired mostly, by fine art architecture, especially Deco stuff. I like doing big geometric, bold patterns and prints, and I love cross patterning it with other nails. So when I am trying to create a look typically, it's for an event. For somebody specific. Nothing inspires me more than my clients.

But then I'll go back to my secret nail laboratory, my studio and I'll just paint. I'll first sketch it out onto a board, just like a fashion designer would do for a dress. I'll put the colors in. Just figure it out. Lay it out and then I'll take it to a press-on. I can't tell you my apartment is just full of plastic press-on's, that I've painted on, that aren't on anybody's fingers yet, maybe.

No, I typically, paint my looks on natural nails. Then I lay it out and then from there I can show them. In addition, to just taking a stroll through a museum or even the park, I love to flip through magazines. There's so much, especially accessories, inspire me.

I'm an accessories girl and there's no better accessory than nails. But I do seek a lot of inspiration from jewelry. It's form, more than anything. I love working with accessory designers during fashion week in particular, because they really let me go bold with the nails, to match the intensity of their accessories.

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