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What Are the Best Pet Birds for Apartment Dwellers?

Learn about the best pet birds for apartment dwellers in this Howcast video featuring veterinarian Laurie Hess.


Doctor Hess: So if you live in an apartment, like I did as a kid growing up in New York City, it's great to have a bird. You do have to think about the fact that you have nearby neighbors and you probably don't have a lot of space. So some of the smaller species are probably better because they take up less space, they don't require as much cage space, or as big a wing span for their home. While they'll also make noise, they don't scream quite as loud as some of the bigger birds. They also don't live forever so if you're not planning on staying in that apartment forever you don't have to worry about moving a little bird around as much. So sometime things like Buggies, Parakeets, Cockatiels, some of the smaller species are better for an apartment. What other things would we consider if we were to look for a bird for an apartment, Sarah?

Sarah: I think you mentioned it, the biggest problem is noise. I would say the biggest complaint from apartment tenants if it's their neighbor is, Oh my God the bird won't stop screaming I can hear it. Unfortunately it is a good way to get yourself in trouble and then maybe land your bird without a home. So I think it is very important to consider noise level especially if you are looking to get a bird while living in an apartment.

Doctor Hess: Absolutely, so just plan ahead realize that birds need a lot of space, they need to be able to stretch out, come out of their cage safely, and be in an enclosed space where they are not going to get into wires or go out the window. You just need to plan properly for where you are going to put your bird, where the bird can be safe and happy, and even get some sunlight which is tough in a New York City apartment. All things to consider before bringing in a Parrot to your home.

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