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How to Bring a Pet Bird into a Home with a Baby

Learn how to bring a pet bird into a home with a baby in this Howcast video featuring veterinarian Laurie Hess.


So, very frequently we deal with families and families have children. And, often families will have a new baby in the house and they'll decide to get a pet or they already have a pet bird and they'll have a baby.

Either way, there are certain considerations you must make when you are mixing babies and birds in a home. Babies cry. They can be startling to birds. Birds scream. They can be startling to babies. It's very important that you let one know the other, that they hear each other, that they see each other. Babies move very quickly when they start moving. They're small. They can be threatening to birds and birds flap around which can be scary to babies. So, you never want to just push everybody together. You want to bring a baby into a room and let them see the bird and maybe feed the bird some treats so that the bird associates seeing the baby with something yummy. What are some other things we worry about?

As you said, basically making it a positive experience for everybody, both the baby and the bird. This also means avoiding a situation where the baby might be bitten by the bird. The bird doesn't know. These tiny little fingers may seem like a chew toy and the bird may accidentally injure the baby which can then leave you with a long-term situation where the baby is fearful of the bird or doesn't like the bird at all and vice versa.

Yeah, and realize too that birds are messy. They throw stuff out of their cages on the floor all day long. Babies crawl around on the floor. You don't want your baby picking up the trash that's been thrown out of the bird cage whether it's food or bits of toys, you have to be careful and you really need to supervise babies around birds and birds around babies.

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