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How to Take Care of a Canary & Finch

Learn how to take care of a canary and a finch, two great pet birds, in this Howcast video featuring veterinarian Laurie Hess.


Dr. Laurie: Canaries and finches are great little birds. They're really to be watched and listened to, not necessarily a bird you're going to hold. But they come in all different colors. Male canaries sing beautifully and finches come in so many different color varieties and patterns that they're sort of addictive. When you have one you want to get more and lots of people end up having many, many finches.

They're wonderful to take care of. They need a safe cage with narrow bar spacing, so they don't get caught. Many of them like to bathe. They sing beautifully. We know male canaries sing beautifully. And they need a variety of good things in their diet. They need bird pellets, which are made specific for canaries and finches, they're little teeny pellets. They need some seeds, particularly higher fat seeds during the breeding season. And they need a little bit of greens and fresh water every day. And they also sing, right Sarah?

Sarah: It's true. A lot of people ask how they can get their male canaries to sing. A lot of people will buy one canary and expect him to sing to them all day long. A good method for getting your male to sing, is often to actually have another male in the house, you don't necessarily want to house them together because they may fight. But if you have them in the same room, often they'll sing back and forth to each other in competition for what they may believe is a female somewhere in the home.

Dr. Laurie: That's right, it works really, really well. So if you really want to have a cute little pet that necessarily you wouldn't handle, but you would look at all day long, put in the window, enjoy listening to, you should certainly look for a canary or finch.

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