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Difference between a Cockatoo & Cockatiel

Learn the difference between a cockatoo and a cockatiel from veterinarian Laurie Hess in this Howcast video.


Dr. Laurie: So people frequently get the word cockatoo and cockatiel confused and these are completely different birds. Cockatoo's are big birds. They can be white. They can be salmon colored. They are very large, powdery looking birds. They live a long time. They are very social, cuddly birds. They are very attractive. Cockatiel's are wonderful in their own right. They are yellow and white and grey and they come in different patterns. You love cockatiels. I know you're a big cockatiel fan.

Sarah: I do. I have three of them, but there is a quite a difference between them and cockatoos. The biggest difference is going to be size. Cockatiels are about this size whereas a cockatoo can be about yea high. Some of them are even larger. I know the big black palm cockatoos are exceptionally large. They're also a lot louder. Cockatoos are much louder. They talk more. Cockatiels can be a little bit quieter. Their voices are a little more just squeaky and birdy and maybe only the owners, actually know what they're saying. Very, very large differences, other than the fact that they both have crests.

Dr. Laurie: Absolutely. I mean, they're both wonderful birds in their own right. So cockatoos are wonderful. They're very socially needy. They need to be out with their owners several hours a day. Cockatiels are maybe not quite as socially needy. They can occupy themselves in their cages a little longer. Certainly they need care and attention, but cockatiels and cockatoos are very, very different types of birds. So before you run out and get one, make sure you know the difference between a cockatiel and a cockatoo.

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