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How to Care for a Bird with Dr. Laurie Hess & Sarah Inglis

Learn about veterinarian Laurie Hess and veterinary technician Sarah Inglis, two of Howcast's pet bird experts, in this video.


Laura: Hi my name is Dr. Laurie Hess. I am a Board Certified bird veterinarian and I work only with birds and exotic animals. I own the veterinary center for birds and exotics in Bedford Hills, New York, which is Westchester County, New York. I have practiced only on birds and exotic
animals for the past, almost 18 years. I have a very strong passion for birds and exotics. I love them as does my colleague here, Sarah Inglis. She is a licensed veterinary technician, right Sara?

Sarah: Yes I am. I have been working in the veterinary field for nearly 13 years. I started with cats and dogs, and I began my adventure with birds and exotics about seven years ago, and I never turned back. I just think that they're so much more special and they're so interesting and there's so many more opportunities to educate people on how to care for them properly and I
really think they need some allies.

Laurie: Yeah, and that's why I chose to become a bird and exotic animal veterinarian. I went to extra schooling. I did a residency in exotic animal medicine. I take a special board exam every 10 years to certify for birds. There is actually fewer than 150 Board Certified bird veterinarians in the world. We're very proud of our hospital, the Veterinary Center for Birds and Exotics, where we only treat birds and other exotic species, like ferrets and rabbits and rodents and reptiles and sugar gliders and hedgehogs. Everything other than cats and dogs. If you want to hear more about our hospital and what we do, you can visit us on the web at You can email us at and we're really proud of our hospital. What we do all day is educate the bird and the exotic pet owner about how to better care for their pet, so that they can enjoy a long and happy and healthy life. Right Sarah?

Sarah: That's right, and I really hope that anyone watching these videos, any bird owners or potential bird owners can come away with some really good information that can help them and their birds live happy and healthy together for a very long time.

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