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How to Do a Krav Maga Side Kick

Learn how to do a side kick from Krav Maga Master Instructor Rhon Mizrachi in this Howcast video.



Hi. We're teaching a side kick. Side kick is traditionally a kick that will thrust straight through, and it's a kick that makes contact with your heel, with the blade edge of the heel, which is the outside of your heel. From here, a side kick is... One. The other side, I kick, one.

Let's turn sideways for a second, so we're standing right in that direction. Right foot comes up, one. Right foot goes out two. Blade of your foot stays there. It comes back, and it goes down. We have four motions, one, two, three and four, and one and two and three and four. Let's do it a little quicker; one, hit, again. One, hit. Again, one, hit. Again, and one, hit.

It's important that we'll pay attention to the fact that as this foot fires out, there's a pivot on the foundation foot, which will allow you a much longer range out of your hip, and much more flexibility for it, or freedom for it.

So, let's do the same kick from a basic stand. All it means is now the knee is going to have to come to the other chest. You're first going to have to bring it over, ending up in the same place where you started the previous kick. And, one and kick; again. One, and kick; again, one and kick. Let's go fast. Again. Again. Again.

Change legs, let's do it on the left. You don't have to do it slow, you've already figured it out. We're going fast, five times. One, two, three, four, five.

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