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How to Do a Krav Maga Outside Defense against a Kick

Learn how to do an outside defense against a kick from Krav Maga Master Instructor Rhon Mizrachi in this Howcast video.


Okay, we're talking about defense against kicks. Primarily the first one that we'll do right now is an outside defense against, a kick to the groin. So Adam, please. Give me just a little bit of, step back. From here that's what's doing to happen. So, when he kicks, this will be my defense. In this art, we never use power against power. And therefore, I'll always have to move myself out of the strike. For safety purposes, I'm going to bring this hand to the bottom. That hand will collide with this outside shin, and it'll have freedom to glide out of me. The left hand will right away attack his chin. You want to strike him when he's still standing on one foot. Obviously after that, the right hand is going to come as well, and you can open up the gap, protecting yourself, making sure you're not fighting anybody else, or utilizing other weapons to deal with this assault. Questions? Are we good?

Face forward please. From here we go. First, one, back. One, back. Let's add the hand to it, one, back. One, back. Let's add the left hand for a punch, one, back. One, back. One, back. One, two. Again, one and two. And, one, two. Again, one, two. Again, everything is in one. One. Again. Again. Again, last time. Great, please, in doubles. Adam, kick him first. Again. Move a little this way. Again. Change places please, the entire place. Please, Ravi, kick. One more time, pivot for right. Please go that way, one more time. Thank you very much.

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