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How to Do a Krav Maga Inside Defense against Punches, Part 1

Learn how to do an inside defense against punches from Krav Maga Master Instructor Rhon Mizrachi in this Howcast video, part one of two.


We are showing an inside defense whenthe opponent's throwing the punch from a very closed gap. Please. Again, slow. Here's my body movement. Like always, off the line of fire, not to go power against power. My body will turn which will bring my arm right through. With that step, I'm just going to clear myself. Just like any other inside block, I'm going to try and strike him first or block him first on the wrist, and continue to glide into his shoulder with that hand. From here, I'm going to clear a line through his face and strike.

One more time. Boom. Thank you.

Slow. Chest, foot work. One. Back. One. Back. Now, take your elbow and try to bring it with you. One and elbow, go. Again. Take the elbow, bring it with you. One, and the elbow go, again. One. Stay there. Roll your hand down. Punch him. Boom. Again. One, two. Again. One, two, again. And the whole thing in one. One. Again. One. Thank you.

Start punching one another. Adam, punch first. Again. More elbow. Very nice, again. Do it one time slower. Very nice. Switch places, please. More form comes through. A little tighter. More elbow, more of this elbow is going to come right through. Very nice. Again. Very good.

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