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How to Defend against a High Stick from the Side in Krav Maga

Learn how to defend yourself against a high side stick from Krav Maga Master Instructor Rhon Mizrachi in this Howcast video.


We are doing defense against sticks. The stick, for us, falls in to the category of weapon, which we consider a dulled edge weapon. The only thing that you really, really, really have to keep in mind is that the closer you come into a person that holds this weapon the safer you become. That is because this weapon carries the most amount of velocity in the end. Obviously, if it carries it in the end, the closer you become the safer you are escaping the energy. A stick from the side, please.

So, what I'm going to try and do is I'm going to try and come as deep as I can into him. I can show you from the other side is what I am trying to do is ram my shoulder into his shoulder. It is a burst, therefore I need to explode and continue to go in. To those of you who don't realize what is happening here, just remember that his range is exactly just one step of mine. So I don't have to go far. I just have to enter when he pulls the stick back. I enter, I took the impact, and I make sure that my head is protected just in case he decides to elevate his hand. From here I am going to lock the arm. Elbow him straight into the face or into the neck. Again, there should be a lot of weight on that arm. I'm going to knee him. Right hand comes to retrieve the stick. Rip it out. You can hit him again. Open the gap and from here reevaluate the situation all over again.

Okay? Face forward please. This is one. One, back, one, back, one, and back. Your left hand will turn to him and make it as stiff as you can make it. Get ready to take a lot of impact. Your right hand is going to come just across and protect your opposite ear. Your chin is going to fall and your shoulder is going to rise. You're going to end up right here. And one, back, one, back, one, back. One more time. One, stay there, you're going to bring this hand to you without leaving the elbow. Without leaving the elbow, leave your body. So lift it up and hit him. Boom. Again, you have one and two now. And one, two. Again, one, two, hit, bring your elbow back, grab his shoulder, knee him in the groin. The land is forward. Again. I have one, two, and three. And one, two, three. Again. And one, two, three. Put your foot down, come to the end of the stick, grab it and rip it out. From here you can hit him. Boom. And open up gap. Go ahead; hit each other with the stick. You are, naturally, switching every time. Work. Protect face, protect your face. Thank you very much.

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