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How to Defend against a Low Stick from the Side in Krav Maga

Learn how to defend yourself against a low side stick from Krav Maga Master Instructor Rhon Mizrachi in this Howcast video.


We're doing a defense against a stick strike, and it's a low strike. Please take it. Just so we understand what we're talking about, this is not the strike where they're going to come and hit you here. This is a strike where they're going to start like this and somewhere along the way will change direction and come lower toward your knee. So here it is and we'll explain it to you later.

One more time.

Slow. When he capped the stick, at this point I don't know where the stick is going to hit me. I do know it's going to come from the side, so my natural motion would be to try and enter in and block. However, I realize that as this happened, he lowered the stick so the leg would come up and just collide with his inner forearm. Once it collides with it, it's going to get lifted straight into the place it was before on the previous grab or strike to mid-body. You're going to lock it, elbow, and continue the same way as you did before. So one more time.

One more time. I went one, boom, boom, bah. Thank you.

First motion, we go one. We protect just like before and we push and come up with the knee. OK?

Again. One. Again. One. Again. One. Again. One. And lock his arm and hit. Boom. So now you have one and two. One. Two. Boom. Again. One. Two. Boom.

From here, you have a knee straight to his groin, and the continuation is just like in the previous stick to the side. So you're going to grab the stick, yank it out, and you continue and strike with it. One more time. More fluid. We go.

One. Two. Three. And we're taking a stick.

Please, grab a stick. Start hitting one another.

And stop. Thank you.

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