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How to Do the Krav Maga Basic Stance

Learn how to do the krav maga basic stance from Krav Maga Master Instructor Rhon Mizrachi in this Howcast video.


Basic stance is the ready position to fight in Krav Maga. It is the most common stance that we use to either start combat or execute any one of or most of our defensive technique. Basic stance is the step that all of us take many, many times everyday with our feet. If I walk for you forward and this is how all of us walk, and if I'll stop, and here I'll stop further out, you're going to realize that I have one left foot forward the same way we do very many times every day.

Your weight should be distributed equally on each leg. That means 50/50. You're doing so by making sure that your knees are never completely locked. They're always slightly bent. You're hands are just going to rise up on your bicep, left hand to be in charge more of your face, right hand slightly closer to be more in charge of protecting your body. Elbows should never be up because you're going to sacrifice your ribcage here.

They should be down so your ribcage is more protected. Your head should be sitting more forward than high up there so your face is not so exposed. Your forehead is more exposed forward in case you take impact. It's the basic stance. Together, one, and back, and one, and back, and one, and back, and one last time. One, and stay there for a second.

What we want to remember is Krav Maga is an art that does not compete. We're not trying to prolong the fight. We understand that the longer we're going to conduct combat in the street environment, the more hurt we are going to be. Therefore, our motivation is to actually not conduct fight at all. We need to be moving forward more conducting a war-like concept and therefore every single weapon, as you see, should be facing forward.

Any kind of stance that is more defensive is just going to prolong anything that you have to do in the street environment. Hands down.

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