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How to Defend Yourself against a Straight Stab in Krav Maga

Learn how to defend yourself against a straight stab from Krav Maga Master Instructor Rhon Mizrachi in this Howcast video.


Knife against knife defense when the stab is coming at you straight. Slow. The defense is simply moving out of the line of fire. I'm taking my wide profile. I'm taking a 45-degree step inward, and I'm going to take my skinny profile to the blade. I take my left hand, and I'm going to protect my throat between him and I, and my body. My knife is going to come from the bottom. I'm going to strike him straight on that wrist, straight on the wrist. It's important that you'll strike the wrist. Again, this is a street art and that means that if it's wintertime, he's got clothing. That area will still be vulnerable, although he could be wearing gloves and a coat.

Once you secured yourself, again, my motivation here is not to sever his wrist. It's just to protect your knife. I'm going to stab straight into his throat and make space. Please, let's come on the mat. Once again, there's no reason to put the knife in front of him. You could come and not necessarily hide the knife, but not make him fearful of it. From here, we're doing a 45-degree step, turning the thin profile forward. One. Again. One. Again.

We're going to take our left hand and protect our face. One. Again. One. Again. Knife comes from the bottom, and it's going to go right into here. And one. Again. One. Again. One. Stay there, take this blade to your face, stab, and open the range. Again. So you have one and two. One. Two. Again. One. Two. Again. Whole thing in one. One. Again. One. Again. A little faster. Good job. And the last time, fast one and two. Okay0. One more time fast. Please, let's do it. Starting slow. Go get him. One more time, even quicker. Go get him.

Very nice. Thank you very much.

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