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How to Defend against an Uppercut Stab with a Leg Range

Learn how to defend against an uppercut stab with a leg range from Krav Maga Master Instructor Rhon Mizrachi in this Howcast video.


We're doing defense against an underhand stab, an uppercut stab, with a knife, with a leg range. And the word leg range, when you're defending knife, it's important, as a rule, as a rule, the art says that sharp weapons issues should be solved at the longest range possible. That means that when you're dealing with a sharp edged weapon, you don't necessarily want to close the gap, unless you really, really, really have no choice. And naturally, because of that, solving your problem with the legs will be more comfortable. Not just that, also the art, as we always like to say, has been originally designed for soldiers with boots, and when your feet are more protected, kicking a person with a blade makes just a lot more sense.

I see the knife coming, I take myself off the line of the attack. I load up a foot, and I turn my thigh directly to him, so I can produce a straight kick, at the longest range possible. I'm trying to kick him straight in the face, and that's only because the knife is low, I can't kick low. The knife if low, I have to kick to the place where the knife does not exist, and it's obviously high. So one more time. Boom. And I'll open up the gap. Thank you.

Two legs side by side. Comfortable. Hands down. This is one. you're going to raise your right heel. And you're going to place the left heel instead. Toes in that direction. Again. One. Back, one, and back. Because this is not a complicated motion. Let's bring our hand as tight as you can to protect you. I'm reminding you there's a sharp weapon issue, there's no reason to raise your hand far. You're going to keep them tight, as close as you can. And one. Back. One. Back. One. And back. Once we've got to here, we're going to fire a straight kick and extend the foot back as far as we can extend it, away from that blade. And one. Again. And one. Again. And one. Let's increase speed. And Again. Again. And we're doing it two times very fast now. And one. Again. One. Again. One.

Please, take a knife. Start working. This way, please. Back. One more time. Faster. Good. Give him the knife, change places. A little bit more in that direction, so we've got more room here to work out, please. Work. Fast explosion. Don't show it. Last second explosion. Don't move prematurely. Wait until the last second. Wait until the last second. Again. Thank you very much.

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