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How to Defend Yourself against a Side Headlock in Krav Maga

Learn how to defend yourself against a headlock from the side courtesy of Krav Maga Master Instructor Rhon Mizrachi in this Howcast video.


Headlock from the side.


Let's do that one more time, slower.

This is what is going on over here. He is going to come and pull me down. As he pulls, I won't resist. I'll come in and help him to pull., and bring myself as close as I can to him to protect my neck. I'm going to strike him to the nuts, climb behind, and look for a vulnerable target. I can attack his eye. I can attack his hair, although his hair is more of a grabbing point, not so much as a vulnerable target. I can attack him underneath the nose, or if he is facing away, I can attack his throat. In any case, I'm going to lift him up and rise up, make him look at the ceiling, then add a 35 degree step and slam his head into the pavement. Right between my legs. As far as I can from his feet. I'm going to hit him one more time into the pavement and open a gap. Thank you.

Please. Try to imagine that he came from that direction, or that direction he is pulling you from, or he is coming from your left shoulder. You should understand that you should practice it from both sides. But, in any case we're going to get pulled forward and hit him in the groin. One. Again, and one. Again, and one. It's important for all of you who are wondering whether I should hit him with a fist or not. Hit him with the palm into the groin. Just in case it didn't work you can grab something, too. And, one. Take the other hand, snake it behind his back, close. Let's for now just stick the middle finger underneath his nose into the bridge of his nose and stand up. Keep that elbow as tight as you can to your body and this hand as curled as you can keep it.

Again, and one. Snake that hand and let's go lift yourself up. Keep the elbow tight, the wrist tight. Again, and one, two, lift him up. Once you've lifted him up, take a 45 degree step and slam him into the ground directly between your legs. Again, and one, snake the hand, lift him up, lock it in place, add a step, slam him down. Boom. Go ahead, you can slam your right foot or your right heel directly into his head. And one, two, lift him up, three, walk and slam him down. Boom. And let's go hit him.

Again. One, two, three, slam, four. Let's to it one time. Smooth, smooth, slow, not rushing. And one, hit, lift, step, slam, hit. Again, and one. Great.

Please, go to double and start to work. Slow please in the beginning. Again. Just a little bit quicker. And full speed, all out. Full speed.

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