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How to Defend Yourself against Headlock from Side Using Throw

Learn how to defend yourself against a headlock from the side using a throw courtesy of Krav Maga Master Instructor Rhon Mizrachi in this Howcast video.


We're doing a defense against a headlock from the side when you are pulled forward and you have no choice but using a throw. One more time, slow. He came, he grabbed and he pulled me low. I'm going to grab his belt behind his hip. Step right in front of him. Grab his groin. Sit, pull him on me and elevate him and throw from his groin forward. Here I'm going to bring my body in, close the gap, he might still have lock, elevate your head up and start pounding as you're climbing up to your feet with separation. That's it.

Thank you. Please. First step is one. And we're going to come in to here trying to get the toe going. Again. And one. Again. Take your left hand. Try to loop it around his hip, maybe getting his belt and get your right hand directly into his groin. One. Again. One. Again. One.

From this position all you want to do is pull him on you, sit, push your hand, bridge yourself over to your stomach and bring your legs in. Again. And one. Grab. Two. Push it. Push. Elevate and drag your legs in. Again. And all smooth. And one. From here elbow to face, eyes up. Start punching. Right away getting onto your feet. Into kicks and separation. Clear? Clear?

Please, grab him. Come from this side though. One time slow. Let's do it one more time a little faster. Let's do one more time very, very fast. Yeah. Thank you very much.

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