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How to Defend Yourself against a Back Hair Pull in Krav Maga

Learn how to defend yourself against a hair pull from the rear courtesy of Krav Maga Master Instructor Rhon Mizrachi in this Howcast video.


We are showing defense against hair pull from the rear. I got pulled from the rear, my automatic reaction for the pull would be to cover my head, so my hands are going to come up to protect my face. My body's going to turn. What's going to release this is a punch to the face. Once I turn there's a kick to the groin, and I can open up the gap, make separation. Thank you. Please.

One, we're taking a foot, and we come in through a basic stand, directly going back. And one. Again, one, first the head turns, first the head turns, again, and last time one. We come in the same way, one hand protecting face, other automatically going to come up tight to try and have the head, and one. Again, one more time, one, again, and one last time, one. Again let's turn around at the same time the minute we see a target, we fire right punch forward. And one. Again, one. Again, and one, stay there, kick him in the groin on two, two, and open gap. Again, and now we have one and two, one, two. Again, one, two. Again, little bit more speed. Again. Good, in doubles, please, start doing it. Start slow, slow, slower than this, this is too fast, slow, slow, good.

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