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How to Defend against a Knife to Your Throat in Krav Maga

Learn how to defend yourself against a knife to your throat courtesy of Krav Maga Master Instructor Rhon Mizrachi in this Howcast video.


Master Rhon Mizrachi: We are showing a defense against a knife threat to the throat. This is a situation that; somebody is trying to take advantage of you. He's going to come and put a hand on you, a knife to your throat and start making demands.

Student: Give me your money!

Master Mizrachi: Slow. There's only one direction that I can move right now, where's there's a knife on my throat, and this is away from the knife. One more time, there's only one place I can go to, and this is away from that blade. Once I went away, I can bring a hand to secure that hand as well from the middle and punch him straight in the face. It does not matter if you punch him from between his hand or above his hand as long as you punch him . Once I punched, I'm gonna jump on the shoulder, knee him, and try to elevate that hand to a place where I can see it. Again I'm gonna grab his thumb so he cannot let go of the knife and make a transition when the knife is up, I'm gonna kick him straight into the face, push push the wrist forward to open his fingers and yank the knife away, open the gap.

One more time. Let's do it from here smooth, he grabs, he threatens, I came, one, two, I grab, rotation, kick, and extract the knife. Let's try and do it and break it into pieces.

He has a knife to your throat, this is the first motion. One, the body comes away. Again. And one. Again, and one. Again. Left hand is going to come from the bottom and isolate, the right hand's going to come come, and right away punch. And one, boom. Again, one. Again, one, stay there.

Your going continue to grab that hand, grab his shoulder, knee and punch this hand up a little bit. Grab his... actually let's do less steps. One more time. One hit, two grab this knee. Again, one and two. One, two, again. One, two, again. One, two, good. From here I'm gonna grab that write, take this foot away, kick him in the face, and he has a knife that you can just dig your fingers and in the end, get out of there. One more time, let's go to the end. One, two, grab, three, kick, and rip it out. So here we go. I'm gonna start slow, back and forth.

Give me your money!

Student: Give me your money!

Master Mizrachi: A little faster. Give me your money!

Student: Give me your money!

Master Mizrachi: Thank you.

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