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How to Do the PSY Gangnam Style Shuffle

Learn how to do the PSY Gangnam Style 강남스타일 Shuffle with the step-by-step instructions from hip-hop dancer Tweet Boogie in this Howcast dance video.


What's up everyone? My name is TweetBoogie aka Sweetie, and right now this how to do Gangnam Style Shuffle. The first thing that you want to do is put your hands on your hips. You've got to have a little attitude behind it. When you do this move, you have to have some attitude, otherwise you're just going to look silly, right, the crazy look in your face. So you have to have some attitude, confidence, you have to be cocky, otherwise it's not going to work. Okay, hands on your hips, like are you ready for me, good. Bend your knees, now you are going to be leaning to your left and using your right leg, don't try to turn around and copy me. Bend your knees, you are going to lean to your left, good, and you're going to lift your right leg. Right, try again. Hands on your hips, bend your knees, lift. So that means you're going to shift your weight to your left leg and lift your right leg, right? One, two, three. Right now we got to hop on your left leg, so one, two, left leg. Try it again. Six, seven, eight, one, two, left leg, good. So without going through all of the parts, you have to hold your hips, confidence, we're going to go jump, jump, jump, jump. So we're going to try that again. Don't forget, you have to bend your knees and shift your weight. If you stay center, this is how you will look if you're center, right, you have to lean a little bit to the left, so let's try it again. You have, bend your knees, jump, jump, jump, jump. But you got to make sure you tap the floor.

Let's try this again, are you ready? Are you sweating? And jump, jump, tap-jump, tap-jump, tap. So now I put my swagger on, you put your swagger on, and you got to look at somebody like, are you ready for me, are you trying to come for me? At holiday parties, any party you want, you're like, oh, that's the move that you got, you turn your head to the side, you look for confidence in the air, you say, Ay, jump, jump, jump, jump, jump.

Now that's pretty fast, so let's kind of slow it down again, and then we're going to speed up. Six, seven, eight, jump, jump, jump, jump. Don't even look at him, don't even look at him. He's got to know, you know what, I got this, I don't even need you, you could even travel. What? I'm out of here, I'll see you. Now you can do it in place, but if you got space, then you can travel. Five, six, seven, eight, one, two, three, four, and five, six, seven, eight.

I'm back, I'm back, I'm back, don't leave me, are you with me? I got space, you got space, all right, you're going to go, I'm going to go. You're going to try four, four, four, fast, and then four to the side. You're going to your left, I'm going to my right, five, six, seven, eight, one, two, three, here we go, five, six, seven, eight. Got my DJ, my DJ's going to drop it for me right now, here we go. Five, six, seven, and one, two, three, here we go, five, six, seven, eight. Did you get that? Want some of this? You don't want any of this. I'm out of here.

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