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How to Do a Basic Pole Dancing Spin

Learn how to do a basic pole spin in this Howcast video featuring NY Pole Dancing pros.


So, you all have been doing searches for how to do a basic pole spin. A great one to start with, is an outside hook, double attitude. This is part of the krimen spin of vocabulary that we teach at New York Pole Dancing.

The great thing about this spin is you actually get two spin impulses. So, you're going to start with your hand high, your feet close to the pole, your hips pulled away, and your half moon. You'll take three steps going for your basic outside hook set, reach away from the pole X, pivot to face the pole squaring off your hips and your shoulders.

Grab with your outside hand underneath the inside in your baseball grip, swinging your outside leg for your first impulse, back to the side, finally hooking your heel onto the pole. That centrifugal force will make you spin. You'll pick up your inside leg. Your secondary spin impulse will come from that inside leg reaching all the way back behind you, with your knees bent, rotating outward from your hips. Your inside leg will be nearing your outside leg, and you take that all the way down to the ground.

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