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How to Do an Inside Hook Spin in Pole Dancing

Learn how to do an inside hook spin in this Howcast video featuring NY Pole Dancing pros.


I'm going to break down a basic beginner's spin for you. It's what we call the inside hook spin. So you're going to start with your right hand high, shoulder down in your half-moon pose again, hips away from the pole. It's really important to think about keeping your hips away from the pole the whole time while you're walking and spinning around the pole.

You'll take two steps starting with your right leg and you'll step right, left. Now you're going to take your outside hand and grab underneath that top hand. Reach your right leg across your body and away. My hips are still pointing away from the pole, reaching away. You're going to hook your right leg in a low knee hook on the pole, and thrust your hips forward to start your spin.

Some things to think about, you may end up with your hip on the pole kind of sitting back, not very cute. So, again, you want to keep thinking about pulling your hips away from the pole and thrusting them forward as you start your spin. Once you're feeling comfortable with that inside hook spin, instead of using two hands you can remove your outside hand, trace the curves of your body, or stroke your hair.

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