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How to Do a Pole Dancing Spin & Invert

Learn how to do a basic bicep grip spinning inverted straddle in this Howcast video featuring NY Pole Dancing pros.


Today I'm going to talk to you about how to do a basic bicep grip spinning inverted straddle. It's just a basic bicep grip inverted straddle, but we're going to turn it into a spin, which always makes it a little more fun once you master just the basic inversions.

Always make sure you're properly warmed up whenever you pole dance, but in particular, very important when you're doing inversions, because the stakes are higher, and the risk of injury also goes up. So make sure you're very warmed up. It also helps to be working on your flexibility as well for safety, and also make sure lines look cleaner and longer. Be sure to tune in to Laura Michael's instructional video on how to increase your straddle, because that will definitely help in your inverted straddle.

So the set that's going to take you into your bicep grip spinning inverted straddle is called the bicep grip pull-up set. So you're going to start with your feet nice and close to the pole, your inside hand nice and high, block your shoulder, pull in the pole under the ground using the strength of your back, and pulling your hips away from the pole. You're going to take three steps remaining in that half moon, be close to the pole, hips away, walking inside, outside, inside. As you're walking around the pole creating the tension in the inside arm, slight bend in the elbow about forehead level. You're going to place your outside hand directly on top of the inside hand as you extend your outside leg way back behind you, the side driving your knee inside your chest, extend your legs out into your straddle, and then stepping out of it inside, outside.

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