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How to Do a Narrow Grip Single Stag Static Pole Dance Spin

Learn how to do a narrow grip stag spin in this Howcast video featuring NY Pole Dancing pros.


Hi. I'm Gabrielle and we're going to do a narrow grip stag spin. The narrow grip stag spin is a bent arm spin where you're really going to want to utilize your larger muscles by blocking your shoulders and pressing your shoulder blades down towards your bra line. Starting with the lead arm up nice and high, pressing the shoulders down before you even begin, bowing your hip out to the side in the half moon shape. If you're going to do the spin on your right side, you'll start walking with your right leg, your inside leg, for one, two, three, making sure your final step isn't too far away from the pole. In fact your final step should be exactly where you want your body to be when you do the pull up.

From here, pull away from the pole, create an X, pivot face the pole, baseball grip left hand goes under the right, still pressing the shoulders down, little baby bend in that right arm driving the pole down into the floor developing tension in the arms, impulsing with that left leg. Left leg goes up into stag position. Stay focused on the pole, step down on that right leg, and then you can transition out of your spin whatever way you like.

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