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How to Do a Spinning Pole Dacning Move

Learn how to do a spinning pole move in this Howcast video featuring NY Pole Dancing pros.


So today we're going to learn a spinning pole move. It's fairly advanced, so you want to be pretty comfortable on the spinning pole before you try this.

When you get up to the pole, you're going to want to have the pole to the left side of your body, swing your right leg around so you're facing the pole. So now you're going in the direction that your right impulse allows you to go with your outside leg. You'll climb to the top of the pole and once you get to the top of the pole, you'll have your hands in a narrow grip pull up position, just above your forehead while your body is still squared off towards the pole.

You utilize your core strength and slightly pushing off with your legs straight, just slightly, to create distance between you and the pole. So you basically want to have your body somewhat parallel to the pole for like a millisecond while you bring your right leg up, hook your right leg in a right knee hang or right knee hang. You want that hook to be fairly high so your body can hang from that and get a good grip with your knee, so make sure you prep that knee above your hips.

You're going to swing your left leg around, press your upper thigh into the pole and bring it around straight and you grab that leg. You're going to hug the pole between your thigh and your waist and then you can release your knee hang and extend the leg behind you and go into a Jade split. If you're not ready to go into a Jade split, you can simply hook your inside leg, your left leg once you bring that leg around. Instead, hook it and just drop into a knee hang if you're not ready for a Jade. If you want to learn how to do a Jade, you can check out Laura Micheal's video, she will show you how to properly get into position to a Jade.

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