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How to Do a Pole Dancing Climb

Learn how to do a basic pole climb in this Howcast video featuring NY Pole Dancing pros.


I'm going to show you a basic climb. You're going to start by standing behind your pole, so when we climb on the right we have our left hand high, this is to help assist us in layered grips for seamless transitions with our hands to avoid lots of grabbing and monkeying up the pole.

I'm going to grab high with my left hand and place by right hand underneath in baseball grip. I'm going to block my shoulders, and when in doubt, titties up, this helps remind you to block you shoulders because it's pretty hard to engage your shoulders when your chest is sunken.

So I am going to drive my right leg up the side of the pole until it creates a tabletop at the knee. I'm going to weave my foot behind the pole to the other side, then flex that foot and press the foot into the pole squeezing between the knee and the foot so I have strong pressure in both directions. From there I'm going to pick up my other leg and squeeze between the knees. I'm grapevineing the pole between the front leg and the back leg. To stand up I'm going to use the strength of my legs. To come down I'll loosen my grasp with my legs, and I'm on the floor.

Some things to think about, a natural inclination is that we want to pull up the pole, so you want to fight that urge and use the strength of your legs which are much stronger than your arms at this point. Also, think about really feeling comfortable in that climbing foot brace; you can test your weight by picking up your back foot since this is your main point that you're going to stand on.

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