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Pole Climbing Tips

Learn some pole climbing tips from the pros at NY Pole Dancing in this Howcast video.


So today I'm going to be talking to you about how to take just a basic climb that you probably already watched and learned on Laura Michaels video when she demonstrated how to do a basic climb with proper technique. Technique is still important when adding artistry to your climbs, but it definitely makes it more fun and interesting once you have mastered just a basic regular climb.

I'm going to talk to you first about how to do a climb with a reverse body wave. When you're climbing on the right, climbing is oppositional, so you're going to have your outside hand on top. So you're still going to do the same fundamentals that you learned from Laura.

So if I'm in a right climbing foot brace, left baseball grip, double knee brace, and then instead of standing up all the way you're going to do a pelvic tilt. So you're going to thrust your hips forward into the pole allowing that to have a ripple affect up your torso as you eventually push your rib cage and then finally your chest into the pole. Then you'll re-position your hands again, baseball grip, block your shoulders, chest on the pole, ab crunch, driving your knees up towards your hips, push back with your climbing foot braced to get it between your knees again, double knee brace, and again pelvic tilt.

So taking it first hips, ribs, chest, and then finally bringing your head back up in line with your spine. You can take that all the way to the top of the pole. Here at New York Pole Dancing you can get in probably about three solid good climbs to the top of the pole.

Secondly we're going to talk about how to add artistry by doing a climb with a booty swing. So, same thing right climbing foot brace, left baseball grip, double knee brace. As you use the strength of your legs you're going to swing your hips from your climbing foot brace to your non climbing foot brace. Then once you've stood all the way up you're just going to repeat that same motion.

Baseball grip, chest into the pole, ab crunch, block your shoulders, double knee brace, swing your hips back from your right, if you're on the right, all the way to the left. So climbing foot brace to the non climbing foot brace. And again you can probably get about three climbs in here at New York Pole Dancing, and depending on how high your ceilings are you may be able to climb all the way up and get even more than that.

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