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How to Do Pole Dancing Floor Work

Learn how to do basic pole dance floor work in this Howcast video featuring NY Pole Dancing pros.


Today we're going to go over the US Pole Dance Federation, or the USPDF, required floor work for the amateur and the professional divisions. It's 20 seconds long. It has to be continuous. You cannot be touching the pole. This is also just a great example for anybody that just wants to see an example of 20 seconds of floor work. It doesn't have to have anything to do with USPDF if you're not interested.

So, basically, it has to be 20 seconds continuous. No other required criteria can go into this 20 seconds. So, for instance, if you're an amateur, your split cannot be included in this 20 seconds. Gabriel Valliere does another HowCast video where she's demonstrating the amateur split. So if you're wondering what that is, you can check that video out, and it's just 20 seconds. It's easy stuff.

You're sliding around the floor having fun. You don't necessarily have to be on the floor, just as long as you're not touching the pole. So you can also be doing contemporary dance or salsa, whatever you want as long as you're not touching the pole.

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