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How to Do a Pole Dancing Pirouette

Learn how to do a basic pole dance pirouette in this Howcast video featuring NY Pole Dancing pros.


I'm going to talk about today one of the US Pole Dance Federation's required, compulsory, professional moves. It is a full turn which is a great thing to add to any pole dancing routine, pro, amateur, novice, whatever. It's a great way to show that you're dancing around the pole and add some dynamics to your movement when you're walking around the pole.

So I'm going to show you a couple of different ways that you can do a full turn or even more so than a full turn. I'm going to show you just a basic full turn utilizing a knuckle roll which will help you kind of roll over your knuckles to keep yourself spaced from the pole properly so you don't fall away from the pole.

So you're going to pivot on your outside foot. Pick up your right foot. Try to go up on the balls of your feet especially if you're not in high heels. You're going to press your palm against the pole, and your thumb is with your forefingers. Press your palm against the pole. Roll over your thumb. Roll over your knuckles, over your pinkie. Re-grab, and step out.

That's your basic full turn. So stepping right, left, knuckle roll, and step out. Now you can use your right foot, your inside leg, to kind of fuel your spin a little bit or your pirouette a little bit by kind of doing this little movement here with your lower leg. Kind of kicking yourself in the opposite butt cheek.

Another way that you can do a little bit of a fancier full turn we call a mixed grip full turn utilizing both hands. So, you're going to step inside, outside. Bring your hand out like you're holding a tray. Bring your hand around, thumb is going to go down. Again, thumb is with the forefingers. Turn your top hand around so you can clap the pole between your two hands. You're going to put your weight on the left foot. Straighten your arms. Look through your arms up to the ceiling bowing your body. Stepping out on your right foot re-grab your right hand above your left hand.

I'm going to show you that in real time.

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