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How to Floor Dance

Learn how to dance as part of your floor work in this Howcast video featuring NY Pole Dancing pros.


The floor work I'm going to be showing you today adds some different variations. You can take this from pole to pole as a way to transition from one pole to the next, or you can use it just as a standalone sequence for your floor work.

We're going to be starting on our backs, soft-pedaling the legs. You're going to reach your toes up towards the ceiling. You're going to bend one knee towards your chest as you extend the other toes away from the center of your body. One leg will be straight, one leg will be bent, and the same time. You're just going to switch doing one leg bent, one leg straight. You can do that about four times.

From there, you're going to place your hands by your hips. You're going to push your hips up towards the ceiling. For the shoulder roll, if you're doing the shoulder roll over your right shoulder, your right hand will be down by your side. The other hand will be out in a 90 degree position by your shoulder, out from the side of your shoulder. From there, you'll use the ground, push the ground away to pick your hips up off the ground, lowering your toes, looking over your right shoulder. From there, you'll position your left hand through so that you can brace the floor and look away from your toes as you slide over onto your stomach.

From there, we're going to do a reverse girlie push up. With your elbows stabilized over your wrist, you're going to keep your chest on the ground as you use your abdominal strength to pick your hips up off the ground, hovering just above the ground as you sit all the way back onto your heels.

From there, you'll place your hands a couple inches in front of your knees. You'll shift your weight forward beyond the palms of your hands as you thrust your hips up towards the ceiling, placing your feet onto the ground, slightly wider than hip distance apart for your bobby stand. If you need to bend one knee, if you have limited hamstring flexibility, you can definitely bend one knee. Then you're going to come up with a nice, flat backsliding, hands up the inside of your legs, leading up with your chest.

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