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How to Do a USPDF Amateur Compulsory Pole Dance Spin

Learn how to do a USPDF amateur compulsory pole dance spin in this Howcast video featuring NY Pole Dancing pros.


Today I am going to be demonstrating the USPDF, United State Pole Dance Federation, amateur spin. This is the spin that's required of you if you're going to be competing in the USPDF amateur division. It's called free hang to a reverse inside hook. You want to start with your hand nice and high, your feet close to the pole, your hips pulled away in your half moon and you're going to go for your basic outside hook step which is you're three steps wide around the base of the pole starting on your inside foot. You reach away from the pole in the x formation, you pivot on the ball of the foot to face the pole, outside hand goes underneath the inside in the baseball grip. You square off your hips and your shoulders. You block your shoulders. You create impulse with your outside leg by reaching your back leg back to the side. Once you see that leg in your peripheral vision you'll pick up your standing leg and you'll ride out the spin - your baseball grip with your shoulders blocked. Once again, at least one revolution around the pole, you're going to make an aggressive twist to your midsection bracing into an elbow brace. That elbow brace is going to help open up your chest and pull you away from the pole. Then you're going to hook your inside leg behind the knee, knees apart, toes together. You can either land on your outside leg or you can take it all the way down to the ground.

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