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How to Do a Pole Dance Spiraling Cretul

Learn how to do a spiraling Cretul in this Howcast video featuring NY Pole Dancing pros.


Okay, so today we're going to talk about another USPDF required, compulsory move, it's for the pros. It is a spinning inversion. So you're going to have to climb up the pole pretty high for this expecting that you will lose some height as you do this move. We call in the spiraling cretul in honor of Sarah Cretul who did it the first time ever at the 2009 championships in New York City.

Some people call it inside knee hang to inside knee hang. You're going to start in your inside knee hang, which Laura Michaels did another HowCast video which shows you how to properly and safely go into an inside knee hang, so I advise that you check that out first. Once you're in the knee hang, make sure that you're really pressing your waist against the pole and pulling that inside leg into the mid line of your body really getting a good grip between your waist and your thigh.

You're going to have your body hanging down like you're in an arch position and you're going to extend your leg, I suggest straight. Your back leg is going to extend straight behind you, really reaching with that leg and opening up your hip. You're going to bring the leg all the way around, doesn't have to be flat, but you want to bring it all the way around and then pinch with your inner thigh.

So you're going to hold with the inner thighs for just a moment while you take your upper body and twist through your torso and the pole will fall onto the other side of your body. At that point you will release your inside knee hang and switch to the other leg inside knee hang. You can repeat this going right to left, left to right, right to left, and keep going until you're basically on the floor if you want.

It's definitely tricky getting that transition from the inside knee hang to the next inside knee hang so make sure you do it nice and slow. Use your hands if you need to the first couple times you do it and then when you start feeling secure then you can start not using your hands. An added grip that you can have in this move is utilizing a reverse bicep grip.

So when you're in the inside knee hang, you're in that arch position, your arms can hang behind you pinching the pole between your bicep and almost your lat and that will help to give you a little bit of security. It also will help to fuel your momentum to spiral around and create some impulse so that you can actually spin around the pole. As a USPDF pro you're required to get around the pole, your hips get around the pole, at least one full revolution.

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