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How to Do a Pole Dance Elbow Handstand

Learn how to do a pole dance elbow handstand in this Howcast video featuring NY Pole Dancing pros.


We're going to learn an advanced pole trick today. It is, basically, a modified handstand or an elbow handstand on the pole. Gabrielle Valliere did an example of the elbow handstand in another HowCast Video. So, I strongly recommend that you check that out before you attempt to do this. This is kind of a little more advanced version than that particular move.

So, to go into this move, you're going to set yourself up into a left bicep grip on the pole, which is when you are sandwiching the pole between your bicep and your chest on the left side of your body. You are going to go into a basic straddle inversion, and you're going to go into a right outside knee-hang. You're going to bring your left leg around so it's parallel to the pole and you're in somewhat of a half split, or a scag split, if you will. You will hinge at the waist, you have to have pretty flexible hamstrings for this, and lay your torso flat onto the left leg. Now, this is, of course, if you're doing it on the side that I'm doing it on.

So, you're going to take your right elbow and reach it around the pole and get it right in the nook of your elbow. You don't want to try to get it at your wrist or your forearm. Right at the nook of your elbow. You need to start there. You take your bottom hand in a locked out, straight, nice position and you're going to put it right next to your baby pinky toe on your left leg. Lock out that arm, and you're going to release your knee-hang, and as you reach away your hips very quickly from the pole you will try to reach that right leg away from the pole to try to achieve a 180 degrees split. Now, to stop yourself from kind of wiggling all over the place, you're really going to want to try to take your leg and hook it right onto your forearm. So, it's almost like you're going to be pulling the forearm, or the leg into your arm. That will allow you to try to get 180 degrees with that split.

If you're lucky you can get an over split, if you're that talented, but, even if you just try to get 180 degrees that would be a huge thing. If you can't do a side split and you're better maybe with a center split, you can twerk your hips a little bit and open them up in the direction of your right elbow. And go more of a center split versus a side split. So, either way looks good, but when you want to exit out you're going to pull with your right elbow, pull yourself back into the pole and you can go back into that knee-hang and then basically go into a bicep grip straddle out to walk out of that. Or when you're learning it you can also just use that leg from your elbow hook and kind of just jump out of it, walk out of it, or if you're really good, peel out of it. So, make sure you always practice safety when you do these extreme moves.

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