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How to Do a USPDF Amateur Inversion

Learn how to do a USPDF amateur inversion in this Howcast video featuring NY Pole Dancing pros.


Hi, I'm going to go over the inside leg hang. You have to go into your basic straddle inversion to get into the inside leg hang, so you can review BrynLyn Loomis' video on the basic bicep straddle. I'm going to go into that bicep grip position. If you're doing it on your right side, my right arm will be perpendicular to the pole coming around elbow forward. A lot of people, particularly when their inverting, they tend to panic and over grip, so I have a nice check point for myself. I extend my index finger up towards the ceiling. If I can do that with comfort and have the finger be at the front of the pole, then I know I'm not gripping for dear life and risking injuring with my wrist.

So make sure you have a nice comfortable grip with out over gripping with that bottom arm. Top arm is right above it. Tension in both arms driving the pole down into the floor, shoulder blades towards the bra line. Another piece of this trick is pressing the oblique into the pole. So you want to even start thinking about that before your feet even leave the floor. I have the pole locked between my inside arm right at the bicep, like a little kid saying "Hey look at my muscle."

I have my chest on the pole. I have my oblique on the pole. Driving the pole down into the basement of the building. I peel myself up from the floor into the bicep grip straddle like so, noticing how I shift back towards an elbow brace. Normally when we want to invert, we like to have our heels go up towards the ceiling and our hips follow that, a little bit harder with the inside leg hang. Instead you have to move this arm out of your way. So from you bicep grip straddle you shift back.

Let's pretend I have my legs up and in that elbow brace I have my straddle. I get to cheat with that elbow brace. Moving that arm out of my way. The inside of my right thigh presses into the pole. I have a nice aggressive hook with my right bent leg and my bottom arm is in an upside down reverse bicep grip. Utilizing my arm, pressing it into the pole. So let me do that again. Rightie bicep grip. Pressing the pole down into the basement of the building. Bicep, chest and oblique are locked on the pole. Shoulders down, tension in both arms.

Peeling my feet from the floor. Shifting back into an elbow brace. My torso perpendicular to the pole, so I can keep pressing my oblique into the pole. My right leg comes around, inner thigh pushing on the pole, nice aggressive inside leg hang. Another point of support and then from there I have my leg, my oblique, my reverse bicep grip. From there I arch back extending my opposite leg behind me, squeezing my gluts on the that opposite leg. Reaching behind with that left leg and it gains equilibrium and I can stay there all day.

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