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How to Do a Jade Pole Dance Split aka Supine Split

Learn how to do a jade split, also known as a supine split, in this Howcast video featuring NY Pole Dancing pros.


I'm going to demonstrate the jade split for you. It can also be called the supine split. This is a required move for the U.S. PDF Pro Competition. So you're going to start in your right bicep grip, prepping for your inverted straddle. You can consult BrynLyn Loomis' video on the inverted straddle for more pointers on how to do that cleanly and effectively.

Once you're in your inverted straddle, you're going to bring your closest leg to the pole, the inside leg, in this case my right leg. To squeeze the pole between my thigh and my torso. I want to feel that lower than my rib cage, but not at my hip bone. Nice, soft spot in your stomach. So keep squeezing that leg in. You're going to start to lower your right hand off the pole, sliding it out.

Press that right hand into the outside of your right thigh, assisting in that squeezing motion. Then take your left hand off and bring that right leg even more across your body. So now you're holding onto that right leg with your left hand and you're really squeezing the pole between your torso and your thigh. You can lower your right arm into your reverse bicep grip and extend your left leg behind you.

You want to try and accomplish a 180-degree split and you can really work on doing this by squeezing your left glut to help open up that hip joint. To come out of it, you can either slide your right hand back on to the pole and come into your right bicep grip to descend or if you're comfortable with it, you can bend the right knee and hook that on the pole in an inside leg hang.

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