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How to Do an Inside Skater Pole Dance Spin

Learn how to do an inside skater pole dance spin in this Howcast video featuring NY Pole Dancing pros.


I'm going to demonstrate the inside hook skater spin to a reversed bicep grip body spiral. This is a required element for the U.S. PDF Amateur Competition. So you'll start with your right hand high, in your half-moon pose. Prepping for your outside hook spin. You'll take three steps. Stepping right, left, right. Reaching your left hand and left leg away from the pole in a big X, you'll pivot to the pole. Your hips are still pulling away.

You're going to create spin impulse with that outside leg and pick up the inside hook, inside leg hooking at the knee. You'll close off this spin by sweeping the outside leg, so the pole is in-between your two knees. You'll step out and replace your hands with your left arm in an elbow brace. Your right hand is above and you're peering under that top arm. Your hips are still reaching away. You want to think about your hips making an orbit around the pole the whole time in this thing.

Your right leg is going to stay cemented in front of your body, so once that leg is in place it's locked in. You're going to start to fall backwards and allow the pole to slide into your left bicep grip and your torso is going to pivot, so that now your hips are pointing in the direction of your spin. So where before your back was in the direction of the spin, now you're shifting in the torso, so that your right leg is in front and your hips are pointing forward. You can take this spin to the ground. You can do it with one arm and you can take it into a split, if you like, for added flair.

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