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How to Do an Upright Static Pole Dance Pose

Learn how to do a free-handed bicep grip straddle, also known as the Teddy Bear, in this Howcast video featuring NY Pole Dancing pros.


So this is the free-handed bicep grip straddle, also known as the Teddy Bear. This is good to do probably from at least one level of climb. You're going to bring yourself into your right bicep grip. Think about bringing you're hips to the front of the pole or you can think about twisting your torso to bring your hips out towards the center of the room and away from the pole.

That can help create that really strong brace between your bicep grip and your right hip. From there you're going to straddle out your legs and remove your top hand first, so in this case, the left hand. From there still squeezing strongly in your bicep grip, you can extend your right arm, as well. You want to think about really squeezing, even when you've taken that hand off and think about pointing that hand down towards the ground. To come out, we grab and slide down.

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