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How to Meet the USPDF Spinning Requirement

Learn how to meet the USPDF spinning requirement in this Howcast video featuring NY Pole Dancing pros.


Hi, my name is Wendy and I'm here to talk to you about what BrynLyn is going to do on the spinning pole today. BrynLyn is going to show you an example of the U.S. PDF, U.S. Pole Dance Federation Pro compulsory spinning pole requirement. The requirement lasts 30 seconds and you need to not have your feet on the ground within that 30 second, so it needs to be a continuous 30 seconds. If you've ever been on a spinning pole that shouldn't be too hard. Once you get up there, you kind of cling to the pole and time goes by pretty fast.

However, when you do the U.S. PDF criteria, if you are competing as a pro, you want to make sure that you can incorporate any of your other criteria, as long as it's not specified to be on the static pole, you can put any of your other criteria into your 30 seconds spinning on the spinning pole. So BrynLyn's going to demonstrate 30 seconds of the spinning criteria. It does not have to be exactly like what BrynLyn's doing, but she does a fabulous job of kind of demonstrating an example of what you could do.

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