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How to Do a Pole Dance Chest Swing

Learn how to do a chest swing in this Howcast video featuring NY Pole Dancing pros.


I'm going to show you a chest swing. This is a great move to add to any routine. It's a beautiful dance transition and not too athletic, so you won't exhaust yourself doing this. Start with your right hand about shoulder height holding on to the pole. Your going to step your right foot close to the base of the pole, and shift your weight into your right hip, bringing your right hip close to the pole.
Swing your left leg around and start to put some weight on it.

From there your going to arch your back and swing your chest in a semi-circle. You can bring it back in the other direction. Notice that I also held on to the pole with my other hand for added stability. If you don't have a lot of back flexibility you can also do this move in just your upper back and neck, by dropping your head back. You want to make sure you still think about extending your spine, so you don't crunch your neck. You can add steps at the beginning or at the end of this movement to add a seamless transition to any other moves your doing.

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